Отладчики → Web Bug Tracker 2.0

Web Bug Tracker is a bug tracking, defect tracking tool for project management for windows. Auto task assignment helps assign bugs to proper developers automatically. You can use the powerful filter with AND, OR operator and wildcard to find your bugs and features quickly and easily. The flexible right control helps manage user accounts, it also have predefined right template to use.

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6 Июл, Воскресенье 2008г.

Отладчики → Deskzilla for Windows 1.6

Deskzilla is a desktop client for Bugzilla bug tracking system. It delivers features for greater productivity and improved working environment for the users of Bugzilla. Key features are: Offline Availability via cached bug records; Issue Breakdown Structure with queries and sub-queries; Instant Issue Counters that provide immediate insight into the state of the project; UI improvements such as Threaded Comment View.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed minor problems found in 1.6 beta
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17 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.

Отладчики → Advanced COM Port Redirector

Advanced COM Port Redirector is a professional Windows application that allows you to redirect all data sent from one serial port to any other serial port regardless of whether the first port is virtual or real.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed: minor bug appeared under 64-bit operating systems
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29 Дек, Суббота 2007г.

Отладчики → AQtime 5.31.383

AQtime is AutomatedQA's award-winning performance profiling and memory and resource debugging toolset for Microsoft, Borland, Intel, Compaq and GNU compilers. The latest version of AQtime, AQtime 5, includes dozens of productivity tools that help you easily isolate and eliminate all performance issues and memory/resource leaks within your code by generating comprehensive and detailed reports for your .NET and Windows applications.
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10 Дек, Понедельник 2007г.

Отладчики → Anywhere PE Viewer 0.1.7

Anywhere PE Viewer is a tool for exploring PE (Portable Executable) files (EXE, DLL). You can inspect all PE headers, view export tables and import tables and resources. It can generate HTML reports with all information from headers, export some types of resources (RT_ICO, RT_STRING, AVI) into files and compute the PE checksum.
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6 Дек, Четверг 2007г.


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