DevStudios addons, experts → Castalia 5 for Delphi

Castalia transforms the Borland Delphi programming environment into a highly productive coding platform. Living on the bleeding edge of development technology, Castalia helps programmers write better code faster, understand existing code more accurately, and improve the design and quality of existing code.
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18 Мар, Воскресенье 2007г.

DevStudios addons, experts → CodeFactor Build

CodeFactor is an advanced code editor designed to be used with Delphi by Borland/CodeGear .

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22 Фев, Четверг 2007г.

DevStudios addons, experts → Eco3Modeler 9.00

Eco3Modeler is a one-way C# and Pascal modeler for Borland ECO 3 (Enterprise Core Objects) for the dot-Net platform as shipped with Borland Developer studio 2006. ECO 3 is an Model Driven Architecture (MDA) framework. Eco3Modeler does not replace ECO 3 - it is a substitute for the Delphi 2006 Together Eco modeling surface. Just like ModelMaker 9, EcoModeler is a stand alone tool. The Delphi 2006 IDE takes care of synchronizing the regenerated source files.

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24 Янв, Среда 2007г.

DevStudios addons, experts → FastMM 4.74

FastMM is a lightning fast replacement memory manager for Borland Delphi Win32 applications that scales well in multi-threaded applications, is not prone to memory fragmentation, and supports shared memory without the use of external .DLL files.

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12 Ноя, Воскресенье 2006г.

DevStudios addons, experts → SQL Optimizer For Visual Studio 1.0.7

Automatically Find and Tune Your SQL Statements in Development.

Databases are getting better, faster and more reliable; however, the data is getting larger and more complex. The database only has milliseconds to decide how to turn a SQL statement into an execution plan and run it. With only milliseconds to decide and with only partial understanding of the real data in the tables and indexes it can't find the best way to run a SQL statement every time.

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8 Окт, Воскресенье 2006г.


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