UltimateSearch 2.3

CausesValidation: Added a new property to let the user decide whether the search button causes validation.

SubmitOnEnter: Fixed an issue with the SubmitOnEnter feature in FireFox.

AJAX Enabled: Supports UltimateAjax (former UltimateCallback) and ASP.NET AJAX (former Atlas).

Auto Scan Directories - Automatically scan local directories under your web application to crawl and index documents.

Filter Search Results - Filter search results by category and file type with the use of public properties.

Frames Support - Place the search textbox in one frame and display the search results in another frame.

Admin Interface - Use the admin web page to analyze the indexed pages and words, to reindex your website and to identify broken links.

Ignore Tags - Exclude a portion of your pages from being indexed in three different ways:
1. Use UltimateSearch_IgnoreBegin and UltimateSearch_IgnoreEnd tags to exclude everything between these tags from indexing.
2. Use UltimateSearch_IgnoreTextBegin and UltimateSearch_IgnoreTextEnd tags to exclude only the text between these tags from indexing, while following the links.
3. Use UltimateSearch_IgnoreLinksBegin and UltimateSearch_IgnoreLinksEnd tags to exclude only the links between these tags from indexing, while indexing the text.

UltimateSearch.config Changes:
- ifilterMapPathList changed to mapPathList (commonly used by ifilterList and scanDirectoryList)
- includePathList changed to scanUrlList
- QueryString parameters (s changed to usterms, t changed to ustype, p changed to uspage)
- scanDirectoryList (new)
- urlXmlPath changed to scanXmlList
- useDefaultCredentials (new)
- useDefaultProxy (new)

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