UltimatePanel 3.2

AJAX Enabled: Supports UltimateAjax (former UltimateCallback) and ASP.NET AJAX (former Atlas).

XHTML Support: Fully compliant with XHTML Transitional. VS.NET 2005 ready.

Hide Group: Groups get hidden automatically when there is no item inside.

Group Header Functionality: Allowed group headers to use urls, client-side calls, and server-side postbacks even when they are AlwaysClosed.

New Style Settings: Updated the default CSS class definitions to design professional looking panels with no effort.

New Method To Change Item Attributes: Introduced SetItemAttribute to modify item attributes programmatically.

Renewed Samples: Redesigned most of the samples with the new look-and-feel.

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25 Янв, Четверг 2007г.

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