UltimateEditor 2.3

SpellAsYouType: You can see the spelling errors as you type in UltimateEditor.

AutoCorrect: It can automatically correct your spelling errors as you type.

LookUpMeaning: You can look up the meaning of a suggested word in an online dictionary.

CausesValidation: Added a new property to let the user decide whether the editor textbox causes validation.

ToolbarsVisible: Added new a property to easily show/hide toolbars.

Paragraph: Renders a paragraph block (<P>) with your margin settings when you press enter. Press Shift+Enter for a soft enter (<BR>).

Font to Span: Replaced font elements with span in order to comply with the new standards.

Style in DropDown: You can see the paragraph and font names in their own style.

Clean Word Format: You can clean the unnecessary markup while pasting from Microsoft Word.

AJAX Enabled: Supports UltimateAjax (former UltimateCallback) and ASP.NET AJAX (former Atlas).

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25 Янв, Четверг 2007г.

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