Twistpad 1.55

Twistpad is a fully featured text editor for Windows. It can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or an featured packed editor targeting web and software developers. Features include Easy to design syntax highlighting, find and replace in files, outline blocks of text and many more features.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed/New Feature: No longer admin mode is required to run Twistpad, for compatibility with Windows XP and Vista the data files Twistpad handles are now stored under "All UsersApplication data" and "(user)Application Data"
  • Added Template to the header section in Syntax Definition Files
  • Added Progress bars when loading large files
  • New command to check if there is a new version for download
  • Added option to check for new version at startup
  • Added option to show or hide the splash screen at startup
  • Mark All now informs on the number of lines that have been bookmarked
  • Find diference in Compare window now warns when reaching the end or the start of the document
  • Added icon for "Revert", "Calculate Expression" and "Save As Template" commands
  • Calculate Expression errors are now displayed in Output Results dock window
  • Installer now includes option to register a command to open Twistpad via context menu of all file types
  • Fixed: RegEx.dat file is now shipped with installation (used in find dialogs for regular expression templates)
  • Fixed: Installer now creates start menu group for all users
  • Fixed: EscapeChar would not cancel itself eg: "\"
  • Fixed: A Division by zero would be raised if the opened file was 0 bytes

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12 Дек, Вторник 2006г.

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