Twistpad 1.5

Twistpad is a fully featured text editor for Windows. It can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or an featured packed editor targeting web and software developers. Features include Easy to design syntax highlighting, find and replace in files, outline blocks of text and many more features.

Latest Changes:

  • Support for Unicode and double byte characters
  • Added ability to to convert documents between Unicode, UTF-8,Big Endian and ANSI
  • Added warning when saving documents with double byte characters in ANSI
  • Added file encoding to Status Bar
  • Clipboard monitor now supports double byte characters
  • Added Comment/Uncomment commands
  • Added Command Character (CommentChar) to Header section in Syntax Definition Files
  • Added Command "Reset Window Layout" to reset tool windows position
  • Added option to include the last path name on the switch bar tabs
  • Added option to show all lines (when off only every tenth line number is shown on the gutter)
  • Added Escape Character (EscapeChar) to Start-Stop Sections in Syntax Definition Files
  • Added {Single Filename Without Extension} option to tools parameters
  • Improved CTRL+TAB behavior to switch to next document and added CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to go to the previous document
  • Match Bracket Command now sets the cursor position on the matched bracket
  • Added Select Brackets Command

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7 Ноя, Вторник 2006г.

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