Twisted Network Programming Essentials First Edition

Twisted Network Programming Essentials By Abe Fettig
O'Reilly; First Edition October 2005;
Series: Developer's Notebooks; ISBN: 0-596-10032-9; 1.26 mb

Twisted Network Programming Essentials from O'Reilly is a task-oriented look at this new open source, Python-based technology. The book begins with recommendations for various plug-ins and add-ons to enhance the basic package as installed. It then details Twisted's collection simple network protocols, and helper utilities. The book also includes projects that let you try out the Twisted framework for yourself. For example, you'll find examples of using Twisted to build web services applications using the REST architecture, using XML-RPC, and using SOAP.

Written for developers who want to start building applications using Twisted, this comprehensive guide presents examples of the most common tasks you'll face when building network applications. It also helps you understand the key concepts and design patterns used in Twisted applications. Here are just some of the topics discussed in Twisted Network Programming Essentials:

  • Installing Twisted
  • How to make TCP connections
  • How to use Twisted to work with the Web
  • Twisted's authentication framework
  • Usenet and SSH clients and servers

Along the way, each lesson is supported by thorough notes and explanations to make absolutely certain you're up to speed with this leading-edge Python technology.

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