TWebUpdate : Automatic application updates via Internet, Intranet

What's new :

- New : Delphi 2007 & C++Builder 2007 support added
- New : Support for Windows Vista / UAC added
- New : {doc} prefix
- New : support for Hungarian, Czech, Swedish & Polish language added
- New : parameter InitPath added to DoUpdate method to automatically initialize current directory to app EXE
- Improved : logging
- Various smaller improvements & fixes


# Automatically check for updated files and applications on the Internet or Intranet
# Can check for updated files over http and ftp protocols or simply file based for Intranet applications
# Can replace running executables itself or DLLs used by the application with the updates
# Supports Windows Vista / UAC
# Allows to update any other application component or data file
# Can just show new documentation, tips, announcements etc.. when available
# Allows updates based on dates, on file version info, on filesize or file checksum or on custom version checks
# Can show a "what's new" or "license agreement dialog"
# Simple VCL based component to transfer files over http or ftp and to handle and check LAN or dialup based Internet connections, so no extra DLL's or OCX's required to include.
# Includes a wizard component that adds a wizard style interface for TWebUpdate in a second
# Very compact size and simple interface
# Can use the ASTA binary patch technology to use binary difference files as distribution. See also 2 sample applications that use TWebUpdate with ASTA patch technology
# Uses IE WININET technology
# Can automatically download & extract multilevel directory CAB files
# Can post custom data to a server for statistics, logging and authorization of updates
# Available : UpdateBuilder : application to create update control files, compressed update files and upload update to server


1) When the update download is downloaded on the desktop or other folder than the folder where the application's EXE is located, make sure to use


before calling TWebUpdate.DoUpdate

2) When the updated EXE is distributed as CAB file, make sure that TWebUpdate.CABExtract is set to false and that there are no identifiers

compressed = 1

in the section for the application. It is the spawned updater app that needs to decompress the CAB file and not TWebUpdate in the application itself.

3) For C++Builder users, add following line in your app's main CPP file:

#pragma link "wininet.lib"

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