TMS Unicode Component Pack

Over 60 controls to add Unicode support for your Delphi & C++Builder applications

What's new:

in v1.5.0.1:
- Fixed : issue with retrieving file filter index on native Vista file open/save dialogs

Feature overview:

TMS Unicode Component Pack controls allow you to develop applications that take advantage of the Unicode capabilities of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista without abandoning Delphi, C++Builder or Windows 95/98/ME.

NOTE: These controls do not add Unicode capabilities to Windows 95/98/ME. They will run on any 32-bit version of Windows, but they only support Unicode on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

- Over 60 direct VCL control replacements to Unicode enable your applications
- Unicode enabled Delphi/C++Builder object inspector
- Unicode enabled hints.
- Unicode enabled actions.
- Works well with almost any IME.
- Supports Unicode-only locales.
- Correctly streams WideString properties on forms


1) Setting a Unicode text as form caption

First of all, in the form declaration, change the class TForm your form inherits from to TTntForm, ie:

TMyForm = class(TForm)


TMyForm = class(TTntForm)

(add unit TntForms when necessary)

and make sure that in your system display settings, the Window caption font is a full unicode supporting font.

2) Unicode hints

The Tnt Unicode components have a full widestring Hint property with which a unicode hint text can be set. To make sure the hint is shown with Unicode displayed, set the application hint window class as TntHintWindow, ie:

HintWindowClass := TntHintWindow;

If the system hint font does not support unicode, you can override this by creating a class:

TTntHintWindowEx = class(TTntHintwindow)
procedure CreateWindowHandle(const Params: TCreateParams); override;

{ TTntHintWindowEx }

procedure TTntHintWindowEx.CreateWindowHandle(const Params: TCreateParams);
Canvas.Font.Name := 'Arial Unicode MS';

and set:

HintWindowClass := TntHintWindowEx;

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