TAdvTaskDialog 1.2.0

TAdvTaskDialog : Windows Vista TaskDialog for Windows Vista & emulated version for older operating systems

in v1.2.0.0
- New : support added for Hyperlinks in expanded text
- New : option to show no default radiobutton added
- New : capability to update instruction, content, expanded text, footer while dialog is displayed
- New : option to allow cancelling the dialog with ESC added
- New : TAdvTaskDialogEx component created using TAdvGlowButton on non Vista emulation
- New : property ApplicationIsParent added
- New : support for custom icons
- Improved : text wrapping for verify text

Component to use the new Windows Vista TaskDialog on Windows Vista and seamless emulated version for older operating systems.

Опубликовал admin
8 Апр, Воскресенье 2007г.

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