TAdvSmartMessageBox 1.1

TAdvSmartMessageBox: Add inobtrusive user messages to your applications

What's new:

- New : Hide method added on message
- New : Visible property added on message
- New : MessageVisible added on TAdvSmartMessageBox

Feature overview:

- Show informative messages to users without interrupting users
- Messages can appear for minimum duration after which messages automatically disappear by keyboard & mouse events
- Messages can show HTML formatted text and include images. Full information about supported HTML can be found here
- Messages can appear in various ways and at various positions, relative to screen, relative to form
- Highly configurable appearance of messages
- Includes standard Office 2003 / Office 2007 message styles


To show a smart message,  following code can be used:

with AdvSmartMessageBox1.Messages.Add do
  Text := 'Hello, this is a <b>HTML</b> formatted message';

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25 Фев, Понедельник 2008г.

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