TAdvOfficePager: Office 2007 style page control 1.1

 in v1.1.0.0
- New: FreeOnClose property added
- New: OnResize event exposed
- Fixed: issue with TAdvGlowButton painting on TAdvOfficePager
- Fixed: issue with anchoring

in v1.0.0.0
- New: Office 2007 style page control

Feature overview:

- Office 2007 Luna, Obsidian + Office 2003 blue/olive/silver style colors
- Vertical or horizontal oriented tabs on left / right
- Page close button on active tab or fixed close button
- Page list button
- Smooth glow tab transitions

Getting started:

Drop a TAdvOfficePager on the form and right-click to add pages to the TAdvOfficePager.
Add a TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler on the form and assign the component to TAdvOfficePager.AdvOfficePagerStyler. Select the style with TAdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler.Style.

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6 Июн, Вторник 2006г.

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