TAdvGlowButton : Office 2007 / Windows Vista button



Feature overview:

- Office 2007 style, Windows Vista style button
- Complex gradients support
- Soft button state transition painting
- Antialiased button text rendering support
- Main caption and Notes text in different font
- PNG with alpha transparency + bitmap + ImageList button glyph support for normal, hot & disabled states
- Bottom or right aligned dropdown button support
- Full color & gradient customization support
- Full Unicode button caption support

What's new:

- New : Notes text and NotesFont
- New : C++Builder 2007 support
- Improved : drawing speed improvement
- Improved : transparency drawing improvement


- Use a Truetype font for optimal result

- Right-click on the component at design time to choose different predefined styles

- For non-western characters, set AntiAlias = aaNone

- To use multiline text in TAdvGlowButton, you can use:
AdvGlowButton.Caption := 'Line1\nLine2\nLine3';

- To use Unicode text in TAdvGlowButton, you can use:
AdvGlowButton.WideCaption := 'YourUnicodeText';

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12 Авг, Воскресенье 2007г.

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