Syncfusion Essential Grid

Essential Grid offers Microsoft Excel-like grid functionality and high performance grouping support for both flat and hierarchical data sources. It allows extremely detailed customization down to the cell level. Multi-level Undo/Redo, Shared Scrollbar support, Data/View separation, Floating cells, more than 15 cell types, and unmatched extensibility are features that are unique to Essential Grid.

Essential Grid supports all standard grid control features. In addition, Essential Grid possesses unique features such as full support for Undo / Redo and OLE Drag and Drop.

Essential Grid offers a very flexible support for grouping both flat and hierarchical datasources. It supports expressions fields, filters, multi-column sorting, grouping, nested tables / hierarchies, and custom summaries.

Essential Grid is implemented using a unique cell-oriented architecture that allows intricate customization at the cell level.

Essential Grid supports several cell types including Header Text, Static, Text Box, Check Box, NumericUpDown, Push Button, and ComboBox. In addition, users may derive additional cell types from our classes.

Essential Grid provides excellent data binding support. It natively supports ADO.NET. It also provides an excellent infrastructure for custom data binding.

Essential Grid supports Excel-like formulas on a cell by cell basis. It supports cross sheet references and named ranges, and you can easily add custom functions to its function library.

Essential Grid simulates popular Microsoft applications. Users will find its interface to be friendly and familiar.

Essential Grid supports several MFC-like features. These features are beneficial to any application, and they also make porting from MFC to Windows Forms much easier.

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