SQLyog for Windows 5.2 Beta 3

SQLyog is a fast, compact Win32 Front End for MySQL. Execute multiple queries, export data in CSV, HTML & XML. Import from textfile. Export data and schema itself. Flush hosts/logs, etc. Diagnose your databases and much more.

Latest Changes:

  • It is now possible to use the auto_increment attribute with a INTEGER column that is not defined as PK. CREATE/ALTER TABLE will create the UNIQUE KEY needed for you (FAQ on this appearing soon!)
  • 'smart' KEYWORDS/FUNCTIONS/DEFAULTS handling introduced with SQLyog 5.1 is now configurable from 'preferences'
  • Fixed: (scheduled) backup did encode as utf8 even if you deselected the option in the Wizard. Only the SET NAMES statement was omitted
  • Fixed: 'copy to other ...' used excessive memory when copying big tables. This is now fixed

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20 Сен, Среда 2006г.

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