SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.2

What's new in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL 4.2?

  1. SQL Editor:
    • the editor now works considerably faster; such features as syntax highlight, object hyperlinks are not disabled while processing large scripts;
    • added the possibility to refresh DB Explorer automatically after successful execution of DDL statements; the option is available in the Tools | SQL Editor section of the Environment Options dialog;
    • the Fit Column Width command is now automatically enabled for query results;
    • when exporting results of queries with parameters, the values of the parameters were not considered, and the result datasets were empty. Now fixed;
    • an error occurred upon exporting results of queries containing cast operators (::). Now fixed;
    • when using keyboard layouts of some East-European languages, certain symbols were not inputted. Now fixed;
    • INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements with the RETURNING clause (on PostgreSQL 8.2) did not return any result. Now fixed;
    • in some cases the object schemas were not considered in object hyperlinks. Now fixed.
  2. DB Explorer:
    • added the Search Panel for quick search within the tree;
    • Window list is now available in the DB Explorer area, the corresponding tab has been added;
    • aliases for the databases that are accessed via SSH and HTTP tunneling are placed into separate server nodes with the corresponding icons;
    • when working in the 'Group functions by names' mode, on creating and deleting functions the changes were displayed incorrectly in the tree. Now fixed.
  3. Support for Enterprise DB 8.2 is added.
  4. Added the Find Option tool which allows one to find the required option in the scope of all program settings, by a word or an expression from the option title.
  5. Visual Database Designer:
    • NOT NULL fields are now highlighted bold;
    • SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields are now underlined.
  6. View Editor: added a command for editing queries in Query Builder.
  7. Function Editor:
    • when working with PostgreSQL 8.2, upon adding the OUT parameter an incorrect script of changing metadata was generated. Now fixed;
    • when working with PostgreSQL 8.2, an error occurred upon execution of a function that returns RECORD. Fixed now;
    • an error occurred upon compilation of a function containing OIDVECTOR[] as the OUT parameter. Now fixed;
    • the Input parameters window is now resizable.
  8. Data grid:
    • if a CIRCLE field contained a record with certain values, the “Error while posting updates” message appeared on attempt to save changes in data. Now fixed;
    • if the standard_conforming_strings option was set on the server, an error occurred on editing data that required string escaping. Now fixed.
  9. Table Editor, Fields tab: the base type is displayed in brackets for fields of domain type.
  10. Fixed an error that occurred on connection to PostgreSQL 8.3 beta.
  11. Download File wizard: an error occurred when working with PostgreSQL 8.2. Fixed.
  12. Query Builder: fixed several errors concerned with inability to parse the query code.
  13. Cascade/Tile functions now work only for non-minimized windows.
  14. Grant Manager: filter by object name worked only in case of complete match. Now fixed.
  15. SQL Manager 2007 Direct: the date of the latest update was not saved, therefore the form appeared each time when running the application.
  16. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

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