SQL Manager for MySQL 4.2

What's new in SQL Manager 2007 for MySQL version 4.2?

  1. Building the dependencies on the corresponding editor tabs is improved.
  2. SQL Editor. The Code Completion feature is significantly improved. Highlighting of MySQL 6.0 reserved words is implemented.
  3. When setting the Korean locale in Windows, character data in tables displayed improperly sometimes. Fixed now.
  4. Create Database. On attempt to set the UTF8 at the Character Set field the error used to occur. Fixed now.
  5. View Editor. In some rare cases when selecting the Edit with Query Builder item, the abnormal program termination used to take place. Fixed now.
  6. Extract Database. When extracting procedures and functions, empty comments used to be processed improperly in some cases. Fixed now.
  7. German localization improved.
  8. Russian localization added.
  9. Polish localization added.
  10. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.

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7 Ноя, Среда 2007г.

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