Spices.Net Suite v5.0

All around .Net, all about .Net. Spices.Net is powerful tool for .Net developers that offers obfuscation, multiple languages decompilation, documentation managing services, modeling and analytical features in one environment that constantly demonstrates new possibilities.

Programming in Microsoft's .NET Framework gives additional horizons in realization of various ideas with an extensive set of features.

Altogether with these powerful capabilities one major drawback is now also a reality: decompilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). As a result of this feature your code may get disassembled, studied and altered by third parties.

Spices.Net - next generation tool for .Net developers, that continues to offer wide range of features for developers and many more new possibilities.
Now Spices.Net Suite includes one internal (system) module and 5 external -

  • Spices.Obfuscator (non-compomise protection of .Net assemblies),
  • Spices.Decompiler (decompilation/disassembling to 6 languages),
  • Spices.Modeler (models and diagrams that reflects various types of assembly members relationships and structure of .Net assembly) ,
  • Spices.Investigator (.Net metadata browser at low level, provides detailed information on tokens)
  • Spices.Informer (assembly member information provider and reporter).

Spices.Net not only platform environment, it is a class browser, analyzer and disassembler with professional look and feel.
For reduction of risk of infringement of the intellectual property, Spices.Net offers the ultimate solution for this situation - Spices.Obfuscator.

Spices.Obfuscator also offers antiILDASM feature - prevention from most disassemblers/decompilers (such as ILDASM, Anakrino, Remotesoft Salamander Decompiler, JungleCreatures Decompiler.Net).

Spices.Decompiler offers decompilation features for 6 languages: IL(same functionality as Microsoft ILDASM utility), C#, C++, VB.Net, J#, Delphi.Net.

Spices.Net provides obfuscation for assemblies created in Microsoft .Net Framework. Spices.Net is the best tool for the maximal complication of research and reverse engineering (decompilation)of your code as well as the great IL-code browser.
Spices.Obfuscator reduces your assembly size and optimizes the speed of your application.

NEW!Spices.Documenter makes more convenient and signifintly improves process of documentation creation and management connected to your code.
You can import existing xmldocs to Spices.Documenter .nrdoc or create from Spices.Project and manage complete documentation for the project or solution in the one document, externally from your source code!

Spices.Modeler - offers model building features and provides wide range of live diagrams, that can be stored to file. In the near future Spices.Modeler will supports full cycle of diagram building.

Professional approach to protecting your programs!
  1. 100% managed code (C# and managed C++)!
  2. Environments supported:
    • C#, J#, VB.Net, Delphi.Net, managed C++ extensions
    • ASP.Net
    • .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1, 2.0, .Net Compact Framework
  3. Powerful and convenient MDI(VS.Net like) GUI environment
  4. GUI environment allows working with assemblies, creating and managing projects conveniently. Namely, it is far easier to:
    • navigate project assemblies
    • analyze assembly and search for assembly members, decompile, call graph, view and extract resources
    • disassemble assembly members to IL-code
    • modify project properties (edit project)
      • add and remove assemblies to a project
      • change obfuscation options
      • save project on your hard disk
      • open project in GUI environment
      • you can easily create your own project management editor
      • add object for substitution and it will be changed for all assembly members!!!
      • add object for exclusion from obfuscation
    • visually track project obfuscation progress
    • Preventing from decompilation/disassembling from most of the known disassemblers/decompilers.
    • Creating debuggable assemblies.
    • search for assembly members
Spices.Net Visual Studio Integration Pack - special package that fully integrates Spices.Net into Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment. This package delivers full set of Spices.Net features into Microsoft Visual Studio and expand Visual Studio development environment functionality. Spices.Obfuscator as part of Spices.VSIP.Net provides full cycle of development - development-build-obfuscation-verification-debug-deploy.
With Spices.VSIP.Net you can debug and deploy obfuscated assemblies in the Visual Studio.

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