Spices.Decompiler v5.0

Spices.Decompiler is product of well known Spices.Net products family. Spices.Decompiler decompiles/disassembles .Net assemblies from MSIL (MS Intermediate Language) binary format to well-formed and optimized source code (6 languages: MSIL, C#, VB.NET, Delphi.Net J# and managed C++). Spices.Decompiler completely integrated into Spices.Net and offers wide range of services to diplay or decompile to files any scope (Assembly, Namespace, Type, Method or selection of these scopes) of .Net assembly.

Spices.Decompiler includes:
  • Spices.Net GUI app
  • Spices.Decompiler
  • Spices.Modeler
  • Spices.Informer
  • Spices.Investigator
  • Bonus package:Spices.Documenter.

Опубликовал admin
11 Май, Четверг 2006г.

Программирование для чайников.