Serge Korzh EasyQuery .NET 1.3.1

EasyQuery.NET allows you to include end user oriented query builder into your .NET WinForms application or web-site based on ASP.NET technolodgy (coming soon). It implements the main principles of our Easy Query solution on .NET framework. EasyQuery.NET was totally redesigned in comparison with our old libraries Simple Query (Delphi\VCL) and Active Query (ActiveX). It was re-written on C# programing language and now is distributed as 100% pure .NET assemblies.

Main EasyQuery.NET benefits are:

  • New two-panels design of result columns editor control;
  • Data models and queries now are stored in XML format;
  • Visual and logical parts of the library are totally separated which allows more easy implementation of visual part for ASP.NET in future;
  • All main features of the library (query panel elements, value editors, expression classes, etc) are open for customization and inheritence by the developer;

You can download trial version of the library to test it in your project. Trial version does not have any functional limitations but shows a reminder message on controls initialization both at design-time and run-time. Design-time reminder dialog contains also a text field to enter serial number you get after purchase. Registered version of the libarary does not show any reminders.

Currently EasyQuery.NET is available in two options: single license and site license. Single license allows to use the library by one developer and freely redistribute all EasyQuery.NET assemblies (3 DLLs currently) with your application.
Site license allows to use library controls and classes by any number of developers within one company. Additionally site license users can get full source code of EasyQuery.NET library that allows to include the necessary code directly into your application and thus you will not need to distribute additional DLLs with your product.

All current site license users of Active Query or Simple Query libraries can get single license for EasyQuery.NET product for FREE. All other Simple/Active Query users are able to purchase EasyQuery.NET by special upgrade price.

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1 Дек, Четверг 2005г.

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