SDK для разработки.

SDK → Packet Sniffer SDK 4.1

Packet Sniffer SDK is a development suite for network packet capture in multi-Gigabit network environment.

Packet Sniffer SDK library set is 100% exactly what you knew you wanted but never expected to get: a fully self-contained, dynamically-loaded packet capture technology that is compatible with Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Intel C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and many others.

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10 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.

SDK → IM SDK For .NET 1.3.20080222

IM SDK For .NET Framework/.NET Compact Framework provide connectivity with the MSN Messenger service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports. Because of a clean natural Object-Oriented approach the library is easy to use and implement. It is designed to be a flexible, robust and lightweight enhancement to any application. Applications of IM SDK For .NET Framework/.NET Compact Framework vary from creating messaging robots to creating custom clients.

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10 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.

SDK → Free iPhone SDK

The iPhone Developer Program provides a complete and integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing your free, commercial, or in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Complete with development resources, real-world testing on iPhone, and distribution on the App Store, you have everything you need to go from code to customer.
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10 Мар, Понедельник 2008г.

SDK → Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 Software Development Kit Beta 1

The Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 SDK Beta 1 contains documentation, online samples, libraries and tools for developing Silverlight 2 applications. Usage of the SDK is subject to the SDK License (included in the package).
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6 Мар, Четверг 2008г.

SDK → IniCmd 1.1

IniCmd is a command line utility for ini files processing. It can create, set, delete keys, erase sections and compare two ini files for differences. It was designed for people not want to use any script kernels.

Latest Changes:

  • Create amd set keys
  • Delete keys
  • Erase sections
  • Compare ini-files
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1 Мар, Суббота 2008г.


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