DB Visual ARCHITECT SQL (DB-VA SQL) is a totally free-of-charge handy editor tool which can generate the SQL statements and code template for streamlining your database applications development. It allows you to edit and execute the generated statements and/or code to manipulate the connected database. Together with DB-VA, this FREE SQL editor tool empowers software developers not only the capacity in manipulating database using SQL statements and Java code, but also can taking advantages of Java and .NET persistence code base generated by DB-VA.

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20 Авг, Воскресенье 2006г.

SQL Server → TOAD 2.0 for SQL Server

Программа для разработки и создания различных баз данных.

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18 Авг, Пятница 2006г.

SQL Server → EMS DB Extract for SQL Server

EMS DB Extract® for SQL Server is an impressive and easy-to-use utility for creating database backups in a form of SQL scripts. It allows you to save metadata of all database objects as well as table data. Flexible customization of the extract process enables you to select objects and data tables for extract and tune many other extract options. DB Extract for SQL Server includes a graphical wizard, guiding you through the extract process step by step, and a command-line service for creating backups in one-touch.

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3 Авг, Четверг 2006г.

SQL Server → DeZign for Databases 4.1.0

DeZign for Databases is an intuitive database design tool for developers and DBA's that can help you model, create and maintain databases. DeZign for Databases uses entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to graphically design databases and automatically generates the most popular SQL and desktop databases.

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7 Июл, Пятница 2006г.

SQL Server → Apex SQL Doc 2005.05.0195

Apex SQL Doc is a powerful tool to document your SQL server database into HTML help Documentation. The wizard approach walks you through a series of steps that allow you to set options and otherwise customize your Documentation file. With full command line support, it can be set to run on a schedule, over night, etc.

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13 Июн, Вторник 2006г.


Программирование для чайников.