SQL Server → EMS SQL Manager 2007 for MySQL

What's new in SQL Manager 2007 for MySQL?

  1. Support of UTF8 data in SQL Editor, Query Builder, Grid View, Data Export/Import Wizard.
  2. Now you can continue working with SQL Manager while a query is being executed in SQL Editor or Query Builder or while table or view data are being loaded in the editor. A query taking too long to execute can be aborted.
  3. All Wizards, including Data Export/Import, DB Extract, Copy DB wizards are now run in the background mode, so that you could continue working with the program.
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22 Апр, Воскресенье 2007г.

SQL Server → SQLEx

Программа генерирует SQL-скрипт, создающий новую таблицу БД. Не требует подключения к серверу БД. Считывает данные одновременно из нескольких книг и страниц Excel.

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27 Янв, Суббота 2007г.

SQL Server → SQL Server Data Access Components 4.00 beta

SQL Server Data Access Components (SDAC) library offers a set of nonvisual components for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. They provide access to Microsoft SQL Server and are an alternative to a standard way of accessing databases using Borland Database Engine (BDE).

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9 Янв, Вторник 2007г.

SQL Server → SQL Manager for DBISAM 1.6.5

EMS SQL Manager™ for DBISAM provides you with powerful tools for DBISAM Server administration and object management. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to easily and simply create/edit all DBISAM database objects, run SQL scripts, manage users and administer user privileges, visually build SQL queries, extract and print metadata, export/import data, view/edit BLOBs, and supplies many other features that will make your work with the DBISAM server as easy as ABC.

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13 Дек, Среда 2006г.

SQL Server → SQLMage for MySQL 1.0.0

It is common knowledge, that working with databases is time- and energy-consuming. At times it can really get on your nerves, when you have to do the routine work of picking out necessary information from databases, sorting, comparing the data and forming pages for printing! And all these operations take away the most valuable thing we all have - THE TIME OF OUR LIFE.

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20 Сен, Среда 2006г.


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