XML → Advanced XML Converter

Advanced XML Converter is a wizard-based utility for converting XML files into HTML, CSV, DBF and XLS formats with ease. The tool processes a given XML file and calculates single-type subtags. You can select the subtags you need and see the preview of an output file as well as adjust its properties. If you need to study some data stored in the XML format, then use Advanced XML Converter to have your data arranged in the tabular style.
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18 Апр, Среда 2007г.

XML → Free RSS Feed Creator

Take a look at this! You give us the following: URL of the website to be indexed, the main title of your website, the main description of your website, and our system will crawl your website indexing your pages and creating up to 12 feeds for free. Stop beating yourself up on creating individual feeds! We will have them done for you in 24 hours.
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17 Мар, Суббота 2007г.


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