Pyrogine2D API

Welcome to Pyrogine2D™ ("P2DAPI"), a 2D game framework API for PC's running Microsoft® Windows. This release is aimed specifically at Direct3D with 3D hardware. P2DAPI is feature complete and can easily create any type of 2D game with D3D for rendering. It was designed to be easy to use, robust and feature rich and should be easy to use in your projects.

* Binary and source code license option.
* Uses Direct3D 9 for hardware 2D rendering.
* 32 bit surfaces and textures.
* Free scaling, rotation, alpha blending and other special effects.
* Windowed and full screen modes.
* Frame based timing support.
* INI file configuration support with config file variables.
* Configuration file variable support.
* Unified Streaming system (memory, file, EXE resources, zip archive).
* Can render to default application window or to a specified window handle.
* Advanced render target and swap chain support.
* Textured fonts (includes a font editor tool and support for custom fonts).
* Graphics primitives (lines, circles, rects, points).
* Advanced polygon rendering (scale, rotate, control line segment visibility).
* Support for rendering large images (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 for example).
* Advanced sprite management.
* Polypoint collision system for fast precise collision detection.
* Mouse and keyboard input management.
* Unified audio system with support for WAV|MP3|MID|OGG|MOD|IT|S3M|XM streaming music.
* Comprehensive math routines (vectors, angles, line intersection, clipping).
* Log file support.
* Scripting system with full debugging support.
* Low-level access for raw nut & bolts power.
* Thin high-level framework for fast start using OOP.
* Robust and feature rich.

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29 Дек, Суббота 2007г.

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