pyroENGINE SDK v1.0.2.190

pyroENGINE is a powerful, robust game development system that will allow you to make any type of 2D game. It runs on the Windows® PC platform and uses DirectX9 for hardware accelerated rendering.

Version 1.0.2:
* Updated all demos to used updated TPEGame unit. It will display a startup dialog of which you can click the [more] button to set program options.
* Merged TPEDemo/TPEGame into just TPEGame and added support for plugins.
* Added screenshot support in all the demos.
* Renamed the all the TPEXXXList properties to end with an 's' in TPEGame/Demo. For example TextureList is now Textures and so on.
* Added DynamicSample demo to showcase 2D positional audio support.
* Added routines: PE_Audio_2DPanning, PE_Audio_2DVolume and PE_Audio_2DFrequency to 2D position audio.

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14 Сен, Пятница 2007г.

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