Project 2007 SDK Sep06

The Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Beta) SDK is a preliminary release for solution providers, value-added resellers, and other developers to learn about the new Project Server 2007 platform, and how to extend and integrate Project Server 2007 with other applications for enterprise project management (EPM). It features conceptual and "How to" articles, sample code, and preliminary programming references. The Project 2007 (Beta) SDK will be updated for the released version of Project 2007.

Two download files are provided for the Project 2007 (Beta) SDK. The Beta 2 TR (Technical Refresh) download files are updated from the Beta 2 SDK downloads.
  • pj12ProjectSDK.exe includes two HTML Help files: PJSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference), and pj12ReportingDB.chm (a preliminary Reporting Database Schema reference).
  • pj12ProjectSDKSamples.exe includes the following complete sample projects that relate to topics in the SDK: Custom Web Parts, Login Demo, OLP Example, Project Workspace, ProjTool (a tool with source code for testing and development), and Test Event Handler. The sample projects use Microsoft Visual C#® and Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005.
You can also view the Project 2007 (Beta) SDK online in the MSDN Library.

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