PostgresDAC 2.3.4

PostgresDAC is a PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Delphi 4-6 and BCB 5. It allows to create Delphi/BCB5 applications with direct access to PostgreSQL DB without BDE and ODBC. This components set was developed for easy migration of existing projects from BDE/ODBC scheme to the native one. Interface is BDE-like and TDataSet compatible. TDBImageEx component for JPEG images in BLOBs support included in package for free (with sources).

Latest Changes:

  • Latest v8.1.4 PostgreSQL sources (pg_dump.c and pg_restore.c) used for libraries creation
  • Improved index fetching for TPSQLTable component
  • Dump and restore functionality rewritten from scratch. Libraries pg_dump.dll and pg_restore.dll added. See "Deploy.txt" for details
  • Functions added to TPSQLDump class: - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; Log: TStrings); overload; - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; LogFileName: string); overload; - procedure DumpToFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload
  • Function added to TPSQLRestore class: - procedure RestoreFromFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload
  • "Can't update fields containing long strings through TPSQLUpdateSQL" bug fixed
  • "Floating memory problems using strings longer then 256 characters" bug fixed
  • TAutoIncField critical bug fix: default values for integer fields were fetched incorrectly
  • "CanModify property was always True for TPSQLQuery with RequestLive = True" bug fixed
  • "Error when open BYTEA field with content greater then 65Kb" bug fixed
  • "CBuilder error: E2109 Not an allowed type in PSQLAccess.hpp" bug fixed

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