PL/SQL + PDF = PL/PDF 1.2.4c

Generate dynamic PDF documents from data stored in Oracle databases using the PL/PDF program package. PL/PDF is written exclusively in PL/SQL. It is able to either store the generated PDF document in the database or provide the results directly to a browser using MOD_PLSQL. No third-party software is needed; PL/PDF only uses tools provided by the installation package of an Oracle Database (PL/SQL, MOD_PLSQL). Use PL/PDF to quickly and easily develop applications with dynamic content but also quality presentation and printing capabilities.


PL/PDF program package could be used to generate the following:

  • Printouts (bills, delivery notes, etc.) from ERP systems
  • Dynamic, customized product catalogues
  • Financial reports
  • Reports for applications developed in HTML DB

With PL/PDF you can easily produce:

  • Page formats: unit of measures, headers, footers, margins, page numbers
  • Automatic page breaks
  • Use of rows and columns
  • Shapes: lines, circles, ovals, rectangles
  • JPEG pictures from the database
  • Fonts: type, size, colour, style, TrueType
  • Use of colours
  • Compression of pages

Other advantages of PL/PDF:

  • No third-party software or any extra installation is needed, only uses tools installed by an Oracle database
  • Directly accesses data from the database, it does not need ODBC/JDBC connectors
  • Centralized document creation, can be scheduled
  • Pictures stored in an Oracle database can be inserted into any PDF document

Here is a basic example (the infamous "Hello World!") using PL/PDF.

1. Create the PL/SQL package:

CREATE OR REPLACE package test is
  procedure pdf;

CREATE OR REPLACE package body test  is
  procedure pdf is
    l_blob blob;
    plpdf.init; -- initialize
    plpdf.NewPage; -- new page
    plpdf.SetPrintFont('Arial',null,10); -- set font
    plpdf.PrintCell(10,40,'Hello World!'); -- Print a text
    plpdf.SendDoc(l_blob); -- save the generated document

    -- print
    htp.p('Content-Length: ' || dbms_lob.getlength(l_blob)); 


2. After creating the PL/SQL package, the document can be reached through a browser (if MOD_PL/SQL is installed and the Oracle HTTP server is running) at the URL: http://server:port/pls/DAD/test.pdf, where DAD is the Database Access Descriptor. The result is: test.pdf

Our services include:

  • Delivery of the basic PL/PDF package to companies that have resources to develop their own PL/PDF based system
  • Development of PL/PDF based solutions and products
  • Design and development of PL/PDF based customized solutions and products

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