pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver 4.05

pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver is a Borland Kylix/Delphi 6+ Driver that directly access PostgreSQL 7.1+ databases. No ODBC layer is needed. This the first dbExpress driver to access a third-party/SQL server, and as far as we know, the first developed using Borland Delphi.

Latest Changes:

  • Added: Documentation enhancements
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug retrieving Stored Procedure names
  • Fixed: Fixed escaped characters in memo fields
  • Fixed: Fixed include in pgeDriverUtils.pas
  • Fixed: Fixed numeric without precision/scale, such as: create table test(a numeric))
  • Fixed: Fixed some bugs on the automatic Fetch Cursors interfaces

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18 Окт, Среда 2006г.

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