PeerChannel Remoting Accelerator for .NET

PeerChannel lets you build highly scalable .NET Remoting applications including callbacks and asynchronous events without being burdened with firewall and network details. PeerChannel makes scalability with .NET Remoting easy. Rather than open a new connection for each method call/lookup, as is done in stock .NET remoting, the PeerChannel will open only once socket between two hosts at any one time. Messages between the hosts are multiplexed on this one socket. This cuts down on connection setup time as well as conserves socket handles, particularly on heavily loaded hosts that potentially can have many incoming calls at once. Hosts will have connections ‘nailed up’ between on another to accelerate message processing times.

PeerChannel Efficiency

Since remoting will both be called from and be called by both ends of the connection, bidirectional messaging cuts the total number of sockets needed in half. This conserves system resources. Connections are shared, meaning only one socket will exist between two nodes on a network and bidirectional, meaning communications can flow from node to node symmetrically, hence the name PeerChannel.

PeerChannel is built to scale. Internally PeerChannel users a high performance MultiQueue, separating different hosts from one another. This keeps long operations from bogging down other connections. Thread pooling and careful lock management make PeerChannel multiprocessor ready and multiprocessor able. Compared to other bi directional channels, PeerChannel does not impose any additional overhead, in fact PeerChannel is nearly as fast as the built in TcpChannel without the waste of additional sockets.

PeerChannel Performance

PeerChannel provides replaceable URL prefixes, allowing you to use it as a drop in replacement for other channels without having to hunt through your code for remoting location URLs. PeerChannel is fully configurable and works with both binary and soap formatters.

PeerChannel provides:

  • Bi-direction drop in replacement for TcpChannel
  • Highly scalable MultiQueue
  • High performance
  • Label switched internal architecture speeds message flow
  • Supports server activated objects, client activated objects, and asynchronous remoting.
  • Replaceable prefix allows transparent upgrade
  • High resolution method logging option
  • AES/Rijndael Encryption option

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18 Май, Четверг 2006г.

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