Pagos Spreadsheet Component .NET 4.1

Pagos Spreadsheet Component creates stand alone applications that originate from Excel files but once created no longer require Excel. It allows fast and reliable server-side usage of Excel spreadsheets with multiple user access. Typical applications, which use and benefit from Pagos Spreadsheet Component, include web-based rating and quoting applications, automated underwriting solutions, plan/benefit configuration tools, risk assessment applications, trading software, budgeting applications and consolidated forecasting.

- Runs on Windows and Linux *NEW*
- Available for .NET, COM, and Java
- Supports 300 Excel functions *NEW*
- XML input/output
- Database connectivity
- Easy configuration and use
- No conversion. Files remain in .XLS
- Scalable for server applications
- Visual Studio 2005 support

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30 Окт, Понедельник 2006г.

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