Packet Sniffer SDK 4.0

Packet Sniffer SDK is a development suite for network packet capture in multi-Gigabit network environment.

Packet Sniffer SDK library set is 100% exactly what you knew you wanted but never expected to get: a fully self-contained, dynamically-loaded packet capture technology that is compatible with Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Intel C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and many others.

Packet Sniffer SDK version 4.0 is released.

What's new:

[!] Winpcap to PSSDK migration module is improved and expanded. Now WinPcap-based applications recompiled with WinPcap Wrapper can capture Loopback traffic.

[!] Ethernet emulation mode for HNLBAdapter object is added. Now Loopback adapter allows to process both local and remote TCP/UDP traffic the same way as it is possible for traffic captured from a physical network device. All objects, properties, methods, and events available for HNAdapter object now are available for Loopback adapter too.

[!] Adjustable packets pool for HNAdapter and HNLBAdapter is added. Now, changing HNAdapter.PacketPool[Get/Set] or HNLBAdapter.PacketPool[Get/Set] properties you can optimize both your application performance and the memory required for it.

[+] Now BPF JIT compiler supports x64(AMD64, EM64T) systems, that significantly accelerates traffic processing on 64-bit machines.

[+] BPF instructions set is extended: BPF_HTONL, BPF_HTONS, BPF_MARK instructions are added (see BPF Instructions). Now you can create BPF filters which will mark each packet with desired value associated with it, that significantly simplifies further processing of filtered traffic (see also HNPacket.Mark[Get/Set] property).

[+] The queue for packets sending for HNAdapter object is added (see HNAdapter.SendQueue[Get/Set]). This feature is the best alternative for AdpSyncSend and AdpSyncSendEx functions, and allows to arrange high-performance packets sending in very flexible and powerful way.

[+] LostCount statistic parameter indicating the quantity of packets lost by PSSDK internal drivers for HNAdapter and HNLBAdapter objects is added (see AdpGetLostCount and LbAdpGetLostCount functions). This parameter will help you to detect performance bottlenecks in your application.

[+] TimeStamping has been standardized. Now under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista both in standard mode and HighPrecisionTime mode packets are timestamped with the value equal to hundreds of nanoseconds since January 1, 1601.

[+] HNAdapterConfig.IsWireless[Get] property for HNAdapterConfig object is added. This property indicates that the network adapter actually is a wireless (802.11) device.

[+] Real-time packets sorting by ID in the HNQueue object significantly improved.

[+] BPF instructions parser implementation in the HNUserFilter object optimized.

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18 Дек, Вторник 2007г.

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