Outlook 2007 Sample: What's New Add-Ins

The Outlook 2007 What's New Add-Ins are a learning tool that will help you understand some of the important new features in the Outlook 2007 object model. They provide coverage of the following important new areas:
  • Context menu customization
  • The Table object model and Instant Search queries
  • The PropertyAccessor object that allows getting or setting properties that are not explicitly exposed in the Outlook object model
  • The Rules object model that allows programmatically creating or accessing most rules supported by the Outlook Rules Wizard
  • The SelectNamesDialog object that displays the Outlook Address Book and lets you customize the dialog caption and recipient selectors
  • Enhancements to the AddressEntry and AddressList objects, including the ExchangeUser and ExchangeDistributionList objects that allow getting and setting properties of an Exchange user or Exchange distribution list.

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