Outlook 2007 Add-Ins: RulesAddin, TravelAgencyAddin, and PrepareMeAddin

The Outlook 2007 Sample Add-Ins are a learning tool that will help you understand some of the important new features in the Outlook 2007 object model. Each sample is available in a version for Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition (VSTO 2005 SE) in addition to the version based on the Outlook 2007 Sample: Visual Studio 2005 Templates.
They provide coverage of the following important new areas:
  • Using the Rules object model, which allows you to programmatically create or access most rules supported by the Outlook Rules Wizard (Rules sample)
  • Implementing a form region for an Outlook contact item (Travel Agency sample)
  • Adding a custom task pane to an Outlook AppointmentItem (Prepare Me sample)

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2 Фев, Пятница 2007г.

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