O'Reilly - VB.NET Core Classes in a Nutshell

# Paperback: 574 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.08 x 9.00 x 6.12
# Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates; Book and CD-ROM edition (June 15, 2002)
# ISBN: 0596002572

The .NET platform gives Visual Basic developers access to an entirely new and comprehensive class library that promises to further simplify and speed VB application development. In VB.NET Core Classes in a Nutshell, VB Programmers will find a concise and thorough reference to the types found in the core namespaces of the .NET Framework Class Library. An essential companion to VB.NET Language in a Nutshell, this book completes a two-volume reference that VB.NET programmers will turn to repeatedly in both its print and online versions. Thanks to a special partnership between O?Reilly and Microsoft, now you can integrate the content from this "In a Nutshell" title with the Dynamic Help inside Visual Studio .NET. Once you install the plug-in using the enclosed CD-ROM, you?ll have full access to its 22 namespace overviews and 700-plus type entries. Requires Visual Studio .NET or Visual Basic .NET.

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