OraDeveloper Studio 1.51

OraDeveloper Studio is a powerful tool designed to automate and simplify Oracle database development process. It also provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways.

  • Convenient server browsing
    Special window called DbExplorer exposes server objects hierarchy in easy-to-handle way. Navigating through databases has never been easier. You can reach, inspect and modify a database object in seconds. One-click property view for all database objects deprives you of a need to make efforts in inquiring information about an object. OraDeveloper Studio also allows you to search database objects in selected databases of any type by name. You can quickly retrieve data from views and tables just by selecting them in DbExplorer.
  • Simplified database objects creating and altering
    With OraDeveloper Studio you will not spend much time on modifying database structure because all frequent operations are automated and easily accessible. Powerful visual editors for server objects are thoroughly designed to let you manipulate database objects in user-friendly way. OraDeveloper Studio allows you to view all database objects as DDL statements, generate and edit DDL scripts for multiple database objects. You can also easily duplicate database objects
  • Advanced SQL handling
    Visual query builder allows to build even the most complicated queries without typing a single line of text. You can switch between visual and text modes whenever you want. Enhanced SQL editor simplifies SQL statements editing by highlighting syntax as you type and helps you write queries with context-sensitive intellisense. Moreover, special SQL history keeps track of which SQL statements you have run and stores them so you can recall any once you need it. OraDeveloper Studio allows you to compose and execute scrips as well as single statements. It also has a convenient feature that allows selected fragment of the text within script to be executed.
  • Powerful data editing
    Grid-based data editor has everything you might require when inspecting and editing data. You can filter, group, and sort data in-place, as well as customize the grid, cache updates on client, or control data manipulation with connection-level transactions. LOB Viewer in conjunction with LOB Editor allows to view and edit field values containing binary and long text data.
  • Easy data exporting
    You can export all the data or select what rows and columns to export. Data export wizard allows to export data to following file formats: HTML, XML, MS Excel, Text. You may set export style attributes, such as text, background and border color, font, set output format of exported columns.
  • Flexible database backup and restore
    Database export wizard allows you to extract database or some part of it to a binary file. The versatility of native Oracle Exp and Imp utilities is now available in a short sequence of user-friendly dialogues. Database restore wizard provides you a very easy database restoring from previously exported file.
  • Wide Oracle servers support
    We support all range of Oracle servers from 7.3 to 10g.
  • Direct access to Oracle server
    OraDeveloper Studio does not require Oracle client software installed. Instead, it talks to Oracle server directly.


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