Oracle Data Access Components 6.00 beta

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) library offers some nonvisual components for Borland Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix. They serve for access to Oracle RDBMS. ODAC is an alternative to standard way processing data by Borland Database Engine (BDE).

Oracle Data Access Components Palette

ODAC uses Oracle Call Interface (OCI) directly. The Oracle Call Interface is an application programming interface (API) that allows an application developer to use a third-generation language's native procedure or function calls to access the Oracle database server and control all phases of SQL statement execution. The OCI provides a library of standard database access and retrieval functions in the form of a dynamic runtime library, ORA*.DLL, that can be linked in by the application.

Also with Net option ODAC allows to connect without Oracle client software installed on workstation. In such case ODAC requires only TCP/IP protocol and allows to build really thin database application.

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