Office 2007 → Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference Code Samples and Redistributable Installer

This set of downloads includes three sample service providers, a header file, and a redistributable installer (coming soon).
  • Sample Service Providers
    • The Sample Wrapped PST Store Provider uses the PST provider as the back end for storing data. The wrapped PST store provider is intended to be used in conjuction with the Replication API.
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31 Окт, Среда 2007г.

Office 2007 → 2007 Office System Sample: Setting Up a Development Environment

In this download, you will find four code samples for use with the MSDN technical article, "Setting Up a Development Environment for the 2007 Microsoft Office System." Samples include project files and sample files to create a basic Workflow template, a custom task pane, a Word add-in, and event handler. For more information about how to use these sample files and code samples, see the article.
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24 Окт, Среда 2007г.

Office 2007 → 2007 Office Sample: Building Server-Side Document Generation Solutions Using the Open XML Object Model

Learn the basics of the Open XML architecture and WordprocessingML.
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22 Авг, Среда 2007г.

Office 2007 → Office 2003 Document: Overview of Developer Technologies

This overview of developer technologies describes the newer tools and technologies that help enable solution developers to build custom solutions incorporating programs from Microsoft® Office 2003 Editions. The goal of this document is to allow developers who incorporate Office 2003 Editions within custom solutions to begin to understand the new development technologies and techniques around Office 2003 Editions and the types of solutions they can create with them.
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10 Авг, Пятница 2007г.

Office 2007 → 2007 Office System Document: Developer Posters

This download contains the following files:
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10 Авг, Пятница 2007г.


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