Nitobi Grid V3 Ajax Datagrid for ASP.NET

A grid offering features that matter to developers: Excel copy and paste, in-place cell editing, and live scrolling.

Rich User Experience.
Users can resize columns, copy and paste data with the mouse, navigate with the keyboard, perform in-place editing, and scroll through huge datasets as though they were working with a desktop application.

Cross Platform.
Native support for Java, Classic ASP, and PHP. ASP.NET, Coldfusion, and JSF coming soon!

Minimal Coding Required.
A declarative interface makes customizing the behaviour of your grid quick and easy. Extend the built in features using the JavaScript API.

Cross Browser.
Nitobi components have full support for an array of modern browsers including IE6+, Firefox, Mozilla 1.3+, Camino, and Netscape 7+.

Unrivaled Performance.
An XML-based Ajax data architecture allows for high-performance rendering of large amounts of data. Allows users to sort, scroll, edit, and save huge datasets with the speed of desktop software.

Integrate the component into your application architecture with our robust JavaScript API. Define custom behaviours, tap into internal events and even combine with open source Ajax frameworks like Dojo and Prototype.

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