Nitobi ComboBox v3 Ajax Autocomplete for ASP.NET

Featuring six unique search modes with support for multiple platforms and browsers. Perform paging, suggestive searching, and fuzzy-searching in an easy-to-implement interface.
Grid V3
Six Search Modes.
Featuring paging, filtering, smartlist (like GMail and Outlook), smartsearch (fuzzy substring autocompletion), compact (type-ahead only with no drop-down), and unbound modes.

Cross Platform.
Native support for Java, Classic ASP, and PHP. ASP.NET, Coldfusion, and JSF coming soon!

Advanced Ajax Support.
Perform on-the-fly data requests without postbacks. A highly optimized transport technique minimizes network traffic and provides a smoother user experience.

Cross Browser.
Nitobi components have full support for an array of modern browsers including IE6+, Firefox, Mozilla 1.3+, Camino, and Netscape 7+.

Internationalization & Accessibility.
Unicode compliance and localized language-packs make deploying to non-English environments a breeze. Section 508 compliance and full keyboard navigation allows your application to be accessible.

Take advantage of multiple columns, column labels, list clipping, CSS style sheets, and multiple modes of behavior for virtually endless configuration possibilities.

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11 Дек, Понедельник 2006г.

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