New Audio Components 1.3.1

New Audio Components (NewAC) is a freeware cross-platform set of Delphi components designed to perform different sound-processing tasks: recording, palyback, converting, and editing.

Main NewAC features inlude: acquiring audio from soundcard and audio CD drives;
decoding/encoding audio in several popular formats (wav, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, ASF (Windows Media wma));
playing audio encoded in these formats using available sound cards;
converting audio data from one format to another;
performing audio data conversions (bits per sample, mono/stereo, sample rate conversion);
There are several components in NewAC designed to perform simple audio editing like cutting, splicing and mixing audio from different sources. For many encoding, decoding and processing tasks NewAC relies on third-party open source libraries. These libraries are compiled into separate binary modules and can be used in both open source and commercial projects. NewAC works with all Delphi for Win32 IDEs starting from Delphi 6.

The current NewAC 1.3.1 release features include: WavPack ecoder and decoder components, 24-bit sound support, Unicode file names support, and many smaller improvements.

Here are these features in more detail

Audio playback and capture

Simultaneous operations on the same or different devices are allowed.
Sound capture and sound output may be performed using either Windows Wave interface or DirectSound interface.
CD-ROM playback and direct CDDA data capture (aspi-compatible drives only).

Wave files/streams support

Append data to existing file/stream capability.

MP3 format support

Encode mp3 files using LAME.
mp3 playback with SDL/smpeg libraries.
mp3 to wav files or streams conversion using MAD decoder


Ogg Vorbis format support

Reading Ogg files/streams (including multi-streamed ones).
Storing data in Ogg Vorbis format with wide range of settings for compression/quality tweaks.
Ogg comments support
Append data to existing file/stream capability

FLAC format support

Reading FLAC files/streams
Storing data in FLAC format with wide range of settings for compression tweaks.

WavPack format support

Hybrid and normal modes are supported
ID3V2 Tags and APE Tags are supported


Windows Media Audio (ASF, wma) format output


 Including Tags support


Windows Media (ASF) input

 Reads audio data from Windows Media (wma, wmv) files (DRM is not supported).
 Includes Tags support

Reading and writing WavPack files (both hybrid and single stream).

Monkey Audio format support

AudioMixer component for mixing/concatenating audio streams

InputList component for building dynamically playback/input lists

File-handling components can work with both disk files and generic (memory) streams

24-bit sound is supported

TResampler component using libsamplerate library

Set of audio converter components

Sample converter for bits per sample conversion.
Sample rate converter (resampler) using sinc filtering.
New sample rate converter using libsamplerate library.
Mono/Stereo conveter
Stereo balance control
Windowed sinc and Butterworth filters for changing audio spectrum
Convolver component for applying custom sound effects


The NewAC object model allows you to build such applications as players, rippers and mixers in a fast and easy way. And of course, with NewAC you can add sound playing/recording capabilities to any of your applications.

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