.NET StockTrader Sample Application

This application is an end-to-end sample application for .NET Enterprise Application Server technologies. It is a service-oriented application based on Windows Communication Foundation (.NET 3.0) and ASP.NET, and illustrates many of the .NET enterprise development technologies for building highly scalable, rich "enterprise-connected" applications. It is designed as a benchmark kit to illustrate alternative technologies within .NET and their relative performance.

The application offers full interoperability with J2EE and IBM WebSphere's Trade 6.1 sample application. As such, the application offers an excellent opportunity for developers to learn about .NET and building interoperable, service-oriented applications.

The new download includes the automated setup for the .NET StockTrader 2.0 and the Configuration Service 2.0, with associated technical documents that explain how to run and reconfigure the .NET StockTrader service-oriented application. Additional documentation in the download provides the steps necessary to implement the Configuration Service 2.0 in your own applications and services for central configuration management; distributed caching; load-balancing and failover across clustered service nodes. The new sample includes:

· .NET StockTrader 2.0 composite Web application and middle tier services.
· New modes for Advanced Web Service (WS-*) message-level security and interoperability with a variety of non-Microsoft platforms via the SOA architecture.
· Configuration Service 2.0 with technical guides and samples.
· Capacity planning tool for running multi-agent benchmarks against the .NET StockTrader services.
· WSTest 1.5 Web services benchmark.

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4 Июн, Среда 2008г.

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