.NET Rocks! - Scott Guthrie Looks Ahead

ASP.NET Co-creator Scott Guthrie talks about the present state and the future of ASP.NET, and also touches on WPFE, the Expression suite, and Windows Vista.

Scott Guthrie is Product Unit Manager for ASP.NET at Microsoft. Scott co-founded the ASP.NET Team with Mark Anders, and leads the design team responsible for architecting the product. His individual technical contributions include: ASP.NET Web Forms Page Architecture, ASP.NET Web Services Infrastructure, ASP.NET Compilation System, ASP.NET Distributed Session State Infrastructure, ASP.NET Deployment Architecture, ASP.NET Reliability System, and the ASP.NET HTTP Runtime Architecture. Prior to ASP.NET, Scott was a member of the IIS and Windows NT development teams.

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20 Мар, Вторник 2007г.

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