.NET Rocks! - Box and Sells on the State of Publishing

Don Box is a developer at Microsoft working on ways to help developers write programs. Don was an architect on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and before that roamed the Earth spreading the good news of COM and XML. After shipping WCF, Don ended the “hooking stuff together” chapter of his life and started the “writing stuff down” phase by embarking on a career in modeling. Chris Sells is a Program Manager for the Microsoft Connected Systems Division. He's written several books, including Programming WPF, Windows Forms 2.0 Programming and ATL Internals. In his free time, Chris hosts various conferences and makes a pest of himself on Microsoft internal product team discussion lists. More information about Chris, and his various projects, is available at www.sellsbrothers.com.

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12 Авг, Воскресенье 2007г.

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