myTracker 2006-07-02

MyTracker is tracking and collaboration system that allows users to collect, file, share, and discuss any type of information, whether it is news, a thought, bug, task, idea, document, graph and report. MyTracker is powerful, well-organized, efficient, fully customizable and easy to use.

MyTracker is designed to make massive amounts of information manageable. It flexible, giving users a powerful framework allowing them to focus on their own problem-solving decisions. It can arrange large groups of information in an enormous number of ways, but quickly find a single item within the groups. MyTracker supports custom form design, queries, reporting, charting, notification and export of data - in HTML, XML and XLS (Excel) formats.

MyTracker is released under GPL License.
Main features:

* Custom issue fields - Probably the most powerful feature of myTracker. Issue fields are not pre-determined, you can use exactly the ones you want.
* Users and custom user groups - organize users into groups with fine grained but easy to use permissions.
* Custom Forms - create your own input forms with your layout and limit their use to a user or a user group.
* Custom Reports - user defined reports that output HTML for printing from a standard web browser.
* Custom Graphs - powerful but easy to use graphing capabilities.
* Custom Queries - organize the large amount of information into user definable lists. Power user can create their own SQL queries.
* Custom Notification - let user know by email (or using myTracker's intray) when issues reached certain priority or re-assignment or whatever. This is a powerful user definable feature.
* Custom Stylesheets - Create your own display layouts of issue information usine HTML layouts with myTracker macros to display meaningful information.

Special, power features:

* Issue reference - allows freely define references between two issues
* OneClick - is a freely definable buttons with definable functionality.
* myTracker events - script based system that let's you program what happens when a myTracker event hook fires.
* Queries parameters - make queries for display lists, reports and graphs. prompt the user for input that filters the output list.
* Web service - super fast and efficient connection to the database through a SOAP server.
* Monitoring - send your user mail if a new attachement inserts
* Mail importing - import your bug mails direct into myTracker

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