MyEclipse AJAX Tools

MyEclipse 4.1.1 features an enhanced JavaScript Editor and Debugger that includes the following features:

  • Editor
    • Web 2.0 Browser with source code view
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Integrated outline and property views
    • Validation and syntax checking
    • Code assist for common JavaScript elements, functions, and variables
    • Code assist documentation for functions
    • Source formatting
    • Toggle comments
  • Debugger
    • Debug any web page containing JavaScript source or included JavaScript files, or standalone JavaScript files
    • Operations: Pause, Resume, Step Into, Step Over, Step to Return, Terminate
    • Views:
      • Web Browser View
      • Call Stack View
      • Variables View
      • Console View
    • Set JavaScript breakpoints in:
      • JavaScript files
      • HTML with embedded JavaScript and linked JavaScript files
      • JSP files
    • Integrates with Eclipse Launch Manager
      • Quick launch from context-menu using 'Debug As'
      • Launch from Eclipse Debug toolbar action
      • Use Launch Profile to modify launch configuration
      • Launch JavaScript resource from project location or deployed MyEclipse web-application

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