Microsoft Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 Beta1

The Visual Studio International Pack contains a set of class libraries designed for .NET developers to create world-ready applications. The Visual Studio International Pack 1.0 release provides the following seven components to enhance the globalization features provided by .NET Framework.

  • East Asia Numeric Formatting Library - Format numeric data into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean capital style string.
  • Japanese Kana Conversion Library - Convert one Kana character set to another character representation in Japanese.
  • Japanese Text Alignment Library - Enable applications to render strings in Japanese-specific alignment style.
  • Japanese Yomi Auto-Completion Library - Provide class library and TextBox control sample that support Japanese IME-aware auto-complete.
  • Korean Auto Complete TextBox Control - Provide TextBox control that supports auto-complete and the Intellisense feature with Korean input.
  • Simplified Chinese Pin-Yin Conversion Library - Retrieve Simplified Chinese characters' properties such as polyphone, homophone, Pinyin or number of strokes.
  • Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese Conversion Library and Add-In Tool - Convert text in Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese or vice versa. This component also includes an add-in tool to the in VS IDE that can convert between Simplified and Traditional Chinese resource files.

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