Microsoft Speech Application SDK 1.1

By using the SASDK, developers can easily create, debug, and deploy speech-enabled ASP.NET Web applications intended for deployment to a computer running Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 (MSS). These speech-enabled applications can be designed for devices ranging from telephones to Windows® Mobile™-based devices and desktop PCs.

Application authoring tools are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003, giving developers a familiar and powerful development environment. By using the authoring tools in the SASDK, developers can create applications that recognize spoken commands and respond to those commands with a spoken or a visual response.

In addition to powerful authoring tools, the SASDK provides:
  • A rich voice mode grammar library
  • Debugging tools
  • Reference documentation
  • Log analysis tools
  • ASP.NET Speech Controls
  • Sample and reference applications
  • Speech Application Deployment Service (SADS)
  • Speech Add-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer

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22 Ноя, Среда 2006г.

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